Restoranas Apvalaus stalo klubas

Restaurant „Apvalaus stalo klubas”

We are in the top 30 Lithuanian restaurants and the best restaurant in Trakai

Lithuanian traditions and global tendencies

Our restaurant is located in an exclusive place in Lithuania – on the shore of Lake Galvė, where the historic Trakai Castle opens through the windows. “Round Table Club” has been elected to the prestigious top 30 of the best restaurants in Lithuania for many years. Our menu is modernly interpreted Lithuanian flavors, inspired by history and local products.

We use local seasonal products for dishes

The plates are mostly made up of local, extremely fresh products from the surrounding farms. During the season, they are complemented by freshly picked fruits, vegetables and berries from the restaurant’s host’s garden. The kitchen combines a variety of cooking techniques : from traditional to modern. These are tanning, drying, salting or baking in combination with modern culinary technologies .

We create a menu with foreign chefs - mentors

We create a menu with foreign chefs – mentors

In order to develop our team and strengthen gastronomic mastery in the country, we cherish the idea of culinary mentoring. In Lithuania and abroad we are constantly looking for like-minded people – chefs who want to share culinary expertise, spread a culture of hospitality.

Our restaurants are open to guests, with lessons and special dinners these masters: one of Iceland’s most famous chefs Ragnar Omarsson, Spanish culinary star Sergio Bastard, Bordeaux chef Stephane Casset Stephano, chef Juris Dukalski, one of the best restaurants in Riga, Restaurant 3, as well as a Slovak who has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants.

The latest menu for the restaurant was created by Michelin-starred Italian chef Pasquale Palamaro together with our team.


Pasquale Palamaro

Chef mentor, Italy

Juris Dukalskis

Chef Mentor

Rado Mitro

Chef mentor

Sergio Bastard​

Chef mentor Spain

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